VeraCode Carboxyl Bead Set

Catalog IDs: VC-920-8193, VC-920-8199, VC-920-8208, VC-920-8214, VC-920-8226, VC-920-8240, VC-920-8258, VC-920-8265, VC-920-8288, VC-920-8322

Due to a carboxylated surface chemistry, the cylindrical glass VeraCode Carboxyl beads enable the immobilization of specific capture antibodies and covalent attachment of proteins, peptides, nucleic acids, and other ligands, facilitating the development of standard "sandwich" immunoassays. The 48 unique Carboxyl bead types can be pooled in varying combinations. VeraCode Carboxyl Beads are highly stable and demonstrate low non-specific binding characteristics in multiplex assays. The simple and flexible immobilization chemistry enables rapid assay design providing a truly open platform for laboratory developed tests.

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