HumanHT-12 v4 Expression BeadChip Compatible Products

Systems and Assay

The HumanHT-12 v4 BeadChip Kit uses the DirectHyb Assay and is compatible with the iScan, HiScan, and Bead Array Reader Systems.

iScan+ Required No iScan - iScan Control Software Version
iScan(+) Scan Setting DirectHyb Autoloader 2 Version 2.2.13
iScan Scan Time/BC 24 minutes Autoloader 2 Service Version 2.1.1
iScan+ -ICS Version 3.1.17
iScan+ Scan Time/BC 11 minutes
HiScan Scan Setting DirectHyb HiScan - iScan Control Software Version 3.2.26
HiScan Scan Time/BC 13 minutes Autoloader 2x Version
Autoloader 2x Service Version
BeadArray Reader
BAR Scan Setting DirectHyb BAR - BeadScan Version 3.7.9
BAR Scan Time/BC 60 minutes Autoloader Version
Autoloader Service Version

Data Analysis

GenomeStudio Module Gene Expression GenomeStudio Module Version 1.7.0
GenomeStudio Version 2010.2