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Analysis Software Infinium Genotyping: Strandology - Strand designations in Infinium Manifests

Illumina’s Manifests for our Infinium BeadChips contain different strand and allele designations, allowing for multiple ways to report genotyping alleles. This webinar is targeted at beginning and intermediate levels of Infinium data analyzers. We will discuss the following topics:
-Illumina’s strand and allele designations contained in our manifests, and how they relate to standardized designations
-How and why these designations were developed
-Examples of how to convert alleles reported from one strand designation to alleles based on another strand designation.

Bring your questions to the discussion or send them in advance to techsupport@illumina.com.
Note: You will be given an option to call in, receive a call back, or stream webinar audio with high speed internet over the computer.

Audio quality is best over the telephone. You will need speakers or a headset to hear streaming audio.

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11/06/2018 11:00 AMPST Register