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Analysis Software Infinium: Troubleshooting Genotyping Data

Learn how to assess Infinium genotyping data quality and sample performance in GenomeStudio using various tools available for systematic and effective troubleshooting. This webinar is targeted to new and intermediate users with a basic knowledge of working with genotyping data in GenomeStudio and will go over the following topics:
- Steps for Infinium data QC
- Evaluating sample quality
- Filter and sort functions in GenomeStudio
- Applications of the Illumina Genome Viewer
- Interpretation of scanner metrics files
- Usefulness of lab tracking forms and reports
The concepts will be applied in live troubleshooting demos in GenomeStudio.

Bring your questions to the discussion or send them in advance to techsupport@illumina.com. 

Note: You will be given an option to call in, receive a call back, or stream webinar audio with high speed internet over the computer. Audio quality is best over the telephone. You will need speakers or a headset to hear streaming audio.

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01/18/2018 11:00 AM PST Register