Which bisulfite conversion kit should I use for the Infinium Methylation arrays?


This bulletin is intended for customers using the Infinium MethylationEPIC or Methylation450 BeadChips. Prior to carrying out the Infinium HD Methylation Assay, samples must first be bisulfite converted. The efficiency and accuracy of the bisulfite conversion step, including using the final elution volume recommended by Illumina, is critical to the accuracy and performance of the Infinium Methylation assay.

We have validated and recommend only the following kits from Zymo Research.

Product Name Size Catalog Number Elution Volume
EZ-96 DNA Methylation™ Kit
(Deep Well Format)
2 x 96 rxn D5004 12µl/22µl
EZ DNA Methylation™ Kit
(Spin Column Format)
50 rxn D5001 12µl/22µl
EZ DNA Methylation™ Kit
(Spin Column Format)
200 rxn D5002 12µl/22µl


Not recommended:

  • EZ-96 DNA Methylation™ Kit (Shallow Well Format), Zymo Research Catalog Number D5003. (The final step of the bisulfite conversion before beginning the Infinium HD assay is the elution of the converted sample from the spin column. The Shallow Well format of the EZ-96 DNA Methylation Kit is not recommended for use with the Infinium Methylation HD Assay because the elution volume of 30 µl is too large for inclusion in the Infinium HD Assay.)
  • The EZ DNA / EZ-96 DNA Methylation-Gold, -Direct and -Lightning Kits have not been validated and are not recommended for use in preparing samples for the Infinium Methylation BeadChip.
  • No other bisulfite conversion kits have been validated.