Recommendations for Infinium Array XC4 reagent use and storage


  • The undiluted XC4 reagent ships at room temperature.
  • Illumina recommends storing both undiluted XC4 and XC4 that has been diluted with ethanol at room temperature.
  • The diluted XC4 can be re-used up to six times over a two-week period for a maximum of up to 24 BeadChips.
  • After ethanol has been added to the XC4, Illumina recommends clearly marking the bottle as ‘diluted’ to avoid mix-up with any undiluted XC4 bottles. Cite the date of dilution to track the recommended two-week storage.
  • The XC4 reagent bottle label displays the expiration date of the undiluted reagent. Illumina supports its products within the expiration date.