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    FASTQ Processing Tools for Data Analysis

    Presenter: Alice Blackshear

    FASTQ files store biological sequence and quality information, and are key for downstream data analysis pipelines. Several steps are necessary during FASTQ generation to ensure optimal data analysis. This webinar is targeted at new and intermediate users including biologists intending to understand output of basic bioinformatics tools used for processing FASTQs.

    We will cover the following topics:
    - What is a FASTQ file
    - Overview of Illumina FASTQ generation tools
    - FASTQ processing such as adapter trimming, masking, quality trimming, read stitching etc
    - How to best use FASTQC and FASTQ toolkit BaseSpace Lab apps on BaseSpace Sequence Hub*
    - Highlight the differences between Illumina run performance metrics and output generated by third party tools such as FASTQC.

    Bring your questions to the discussion or send them in advance to techsupport@illumina.com

    Note: You will be given an option to call in, receive a call back, or stream webinar audio with high speed internet over the computer. Audio quality is best over the telephone. You will need speakers or a headset to hear streaming audio.

    *BaseSpace Labs Apps are developed using an accelerated development process in order to make them available to BaseSpace users faster than conventional Illumina Apps. Illumina may provide support for BaseSpace labs Apps at its sole discretion. BaseSpace Labs Apps are provided AS-IS without any warranty of any kind. BaseSpace Labs Apps are used at the user’s sole risk. Illumina is not responsible for any loss of data, incorrect results, or any costs, liabilities, or damages that may result from the use of a BaseSpace Labs App.

    12/07/2017 11:00 AM PST