Setting Up a Run | Run Prep for NeoPrep | Configure the Run

Configure the Run

1 Click the Prep tab, and then click NeoPrep.
2 From the NeoPrep Runs page, click Create New Run to open the Configure Run screen.
3 Click the Protocol drop-down arrow and select a protocol, either TruSeq Nano DNA or TruSeq Stranded mRNA.
4 Click the Version drop-down arrow and select a version of NeoPrep control software.
5 [Optional] In the Notes field, enter any notes.
6 In the Run Name field, enter a name for the run.
7 In the Default Project field, click Select Project(s).
8 In the Select Project(s) dialog box, click project to configure for the run and then click Confirm.
9 Select the checkbox of each process you want to run:
Prep Library—Required preparation of libraries.
Quantify—Quantifies libraries after library prep is complete.
Normalize—Normalizes libraries after quantification is complete.
10 Complete the following fields as applicable. Unavailable fields support only the default settings.
Click the Sample Count drop-down arrow and select the number of samples to include in the run.
Click the Index Type drop-down arrow and select the indexing scheme for the samples.
Click the Insert Size drop-down arrow and select the insert size of the libraries. Mixed insert sizes are specified on the next page.
Click the PCR Cycles drop-down arrow and select the number of PCR cycles for the run.
11 Click Next.