Setting Up a Run | Run Prep for NextSeq and MiniSeq | Create Biological Samples

Create Biological Samples

Use the following steps to create biological samples 1 at a time.

1 Click the Prep tab, and then click Biological Samples.
2 Click Create.
3 Complete the following fields:
Sample ID—Enter a unique sample ID.
Name—Enter a descriptive name for the biological sample.
[Optional] Species—Select a species from the drop-down list.
[Optional] Project—Click Select Project(s) to select or create a project to add your samples to. Although optional at this step, the project is required later to store the data.
Nucleic Acid—Select the type of nuclear acid.


The Sample ID and Name fields support alphanumeric characters, hyphens, and underscores.

4 [Optional] Select additional samples as follows.
    a Click Save & Continue Later.
    b Select the checkbox of each sample you want to use.
5 Click Prep Libraries.