BaseSpace Overview | Data Model

Data Model

Each sequencing run produces log files, instrument health data, run metrics, base call information (*.bcl files), and other data. The base call information is demultiplexed in BaseSpace to create the samples used in secondary analysis.

Samples are analyzed automatically using the Illumina workflow apps specified in the sample sheet prepared for the run, or by launching custom BaseSpace apps. BaseSpace apps process software and routines that interact with BaseSpace data through the API. Every app that accesses BaseSpace data requires user authentication and in-flight data encryption.

Files produced from an app session are stored in an analysis. Analyses are created to record every time an app is launched. For example, when a resequencing app executes alignment and variant calling, an analysis is created that contains the app results for each sample. App results typically contain BAM and VCF files, but they can contain other file types. App results can also be used as app inputs.

A project is a container that stores samples and analyses.

Figure BaseSpace Data Model