Setting Up a Run | Fix Indexes

Fix Indexes

You can correct errors in your index and regenerate the FASTQ files using the Prep tab, up to 5 times. This feature is available only for runs set up in BaseSpace.

1 Go to the run with the wrong indexes.
2 Click the Run Settings buttonin the navigation task pane.
3 Go to the bottom of the page, and click the pool.
4 Click the Plate ID of the plate.
5 Click Edit.
6 Correct the index in the drop-down menu.
7 Go to the affected run.
8 In the More drop-down menu, select Requeue FASTQ Generation.

BaseSpace regenerates the FASTQ files with the corrected indexes. The new FASTQ files are added to the sample list and you can identify the new files by date.


Instead of identifying samples by date, you can also rename the sample_ID, or assign the new FASTQ files to a new project in the Prep tab.