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Import Data Into a Project

You can import the following files into any project you have write access to: FASTQ (*.fastq.gz), analysis (VCF and gVCF), and manifest (*.txt). Import files when an app requires files generated outside of BaseSpace, or provides downstream analysis for results generated outside of BaseSpace.

1 Click the Projects tab, and then click the appropriate project.
2 From the project, click Import.
3 Select files to upload using either of the following methods:
Drag the file to the drag and drop area.
Click select files, browse to the file, and click Open.


Uploading multiple files during session requires files of the same type.

4 Enter the name of the sample, analysis, or manifest name.
5 [Optional] Click Select Sample(s) to associate the imported file with the samples used as input.

Associating the file with samples lists the analysis on the sample details.

6 Click Add to BaseSpace to complete the import.