Sharing Data | Share a Run with Get Link

Share a Run with Get Link

Sharing using the Get Link option allows you to share a run with any collaborator who has access to the link. The hyperlink can be turned on or off by setting the activate or deactivate option. Anyone can access the project or run when the link is activated. Furthermore, anyone who previously accepted the link still has access to the run even though the link is deactivated.

Sharing runs with the Get Link option is similar to sharing projects with the Get Link option.


If you want more control, use the email share option where you can specify who can view the project.

Use this option when you do not want to assign the run to a specific person.
This share link can be forwarded to many other collaborators while the link is still active.
Do not use this option if you want to confine the list of who has access to this run.

This option is an easy way to share a link without having to specify email and setting permissions.

1 Click the Runs icon.
2 Click the desired run.
3 Click the More button and select the Get Link option.

4 Click the Activate button.
5 Copy the URL to share with collaborators.

The link is active until the Deactivate option is selected. To deactivate, navigate to the run, click Get Link, and then click Deactivate.


Runs and projects have separate permissions. If you share a run, the project associated with that run is not shared automatically, meaning samples and app results are not accessible to collaborators of the run.