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Transfer Ownership

A method to hand control of data over to a collaborator or customer:

If you want to give control of your data to a collaborator.
If you sequenced samples for a customer, for example, if you are a core lab or service provider.

If items from a project are in the trash, you cannot transfer ownership of the project.

1 Select the project or run you want to transfer
    a Click the Projects or Runs.
    b Click the a project or run.
    c If you transferring a project, click Transfer Owner. If you are transferring a run, click More, and then select Transfer Ownership.
2 Enter new owner email and an optional message in the Transfer Ownership dialog box.
3 Click Continue.

BaseSpace sends the new owner an email asking to accept the ownership of the run or project. The ownership transfer of the project or run completes when the new owner accepts. Now you have no control over that run or project anymore. You are also not able to see that run or project, unless the new owner shares it with you; see Sharing Data in BaseSpace for more information.