Manage Data/Copy Datasets to Another Project

Copy Datasets to Another Project

Any of the following reasons might require copying data sets from one project to another:

Analyze a dataset in the context of two different projects.
Transfer ownership of a dataset, but keep a copy.
Correct a dataset assigned to the wrong project.

After a dataset is copied, both the original and the copy are listed in the data sets tab on the biosample details page. When aggregating data for analyses, BaseSpace Sequence Hub uses the original dataset or the most recent copy if the original is not available. If you wish to use a different copy, mark the other copies as QC failed before starting the analysis.

1. Select the My Data drop-down menu, and then select Biosamples.
2. Select the desired biosample.
3. Select the Datasets tab
4. Select the checkbox of each dataset you want to copy.
5. Select File, point to Copy, and then select FASTQ Dataset.
6. [Optional] Select New to create a new project.
7. Select a project to copy the data sets to. You can only copy data sets to projects you own.
8. Select Confirm.