Relaunch an Analysis

When an analysis fails or doesn't meet quality standards, you can schedule a new analysis using the original input or different inputs.

In cases where the analysis failed to successfully complete in BaseSpace Sequence Hub, you can relaunch the analysis using the original input.
In cases where the analysis did not meet quality standards, you can exclude or include data and relaunch the analysis using only data that passed QC.


If you are scheduling an analysis workflow that uses more than one sample as input (eg, Tumor Normal), all existing biosamples must have been imported from same original biosample workflow file.
The biosample workflow must be imported using the account that owns the biosamples. If the biosample workflow uploader is not the owner, the biosamples are added to the account as new biosamples.
1. [Optional] Exclude or QC fail any of the following resources. Excluding a resource also excludes any downstream data produced by the resource. For information about changing QC, see Manual QC.
FASTQ Dataset
2. Complete the following fields in a new biosample workflow file. See Biosample Workflow and Biosample Workflow.
Biosample Name
Analysis Workflow
[Optional] Analysis Group
[Optional] Sample Label
[Optional] Delivery Mode


All template columns must be present in the biosample workflow file, but the Default Project cannot be changed using a biosample workflow. If the biosample already exists, this column is ignored. For information about changing the default project for a biosample, see Change Default Project.