Overview/Using Your Data in the New Data Model

Using Your Data in the New Data Model

All of your data is available in the new BaseSpace Sequence Hub, however some aspects have changed to support the new data model.

Samples have been converted to biosamples. You can find a list of the biosamples in your account on the biosamples page. In addition, all of the biosamples you created or imported are available from the Prep Tab.

Appresults have been converted to data sets. You can find data sets on the Analyses tab of the Biosample details page. Datasets are grouped into two categories: FASTQ data sets generated from sequencing biosamples and used for analysis, and general data sets, which are other files associated with an analysis.

BaseSpace Sequence Hub associates sequencing data from biosamples with runs, analyses, and projects. Biosample sequencing output, but not the biosamples themselves, are saved to projects. A biosample has a default project where data sets are stored automatically after sequencing. The default project can be changed or you can select a different project when manually launching an analysis.