Overview/What's New

What's New in BaseSpace Sequence Hub

BaseSpace Sequence Hub has been redesigned to give you more options for managing your lab operations.

We've added a toggle button so you can try out the new data views and automation features. When you toggle versions, only the view of your data changes; the data remain the same.


Only workgroup administrators or owners can switch between New and Classic versions. The version selection is applied to all workgroup members.

Changes to Data

Changes to Samples and App Results—Biosamples and data sets have been added to replace samples and app results. Your existing samples and FASTQ file data have already been converted into biosamples and data sets. For more information, see Using Your Data in the New Data Model.
Improved Data Model—The new data model centers on biosamples, so you can easily track all biosample activity from sequencing to delivery of results. For more information, see Data Model.

New Automation and Quality Control Features

Biosample Workflows—Enter hundreds of samples at a time, including custom metadata and library prep instructions. For more information, see Biosample Workflow.
Auto-launched Analysis Workflows—Automatically aggregate data and launch apps. You specify the app version, settings, and required yield. For more information, see Analysis Workflows.
Automatic Lane and Analysis QCBaseSpace Sequence Hub checks QC against metric thresholds you define, then automatically passes or fails lanes, FASTQ files, and analyses. For more information, see Automatic Lane QC and Automatic Analysis QC.
Manual QC—Manually override QC statuses. Add or view comments about QC changes. For more information, see Manual QC.
Status Updates—Track the status of biosample preparation, runs, analyses, and delivery of results to your customers. For more information, see Statuses.

Improved Interface

Updated Navigation—You can now get to your projects, runs, biosamples, and analyses from the My Data tab. For more information, see View Data.
Updated File Downloader—The file downloader has been updated to support expanded file download options. For more information, see Download Files.