Manage Your Account/Domain Administration/Password Management

Password Management

Configure requirements for user passwords.

1. Under Settings, select Password Management.
2. Configure strength of password parameters:
  1. Select the minimum number of characters required for a password.
  2. To require the use of special characters in the password, select the special characters checkbox.
  3. To require the use of at least one numeral, select the numbers checkbox.
  4. To require uppercase or lowercase letters, select the corresponding letters checkbox.
3. Configure account lock-up parameters:
  1. Select the number of times a user can enter an incorrect password before the account is locked.
  2. Select the number of minutes before the account can be reset after it is locked.
4. Configure password re-use check parameters:
  1. Enter the number of days that must pass before a password can be reused.
  2. Enter the number of passwords a user must create before a password can be reused.
5. Type a message that describes the configured password policy.