Sequencing Literature

This is the Sequencing Literature A-Z list. Use your browser's find function (CTRL-F on PCs, or Command-F on Macs) to search by keyword.

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File Info
cBot Data Sheet PDF(< 1 MB)
TruSight Cancer PDF(< 1 MB)
Illumina SeqLab PDF(< 1 MB)
TruSight Tumor 15 PDF(< 1 MB)
TruSeq DNA Exome PDF(< 1 MB)
Genomic Sequencing PDF(< 1 MB)
TruSeq DNA Nano PDF(11 MB)
TruSight Autism PDF(< 1 MB)
MiSeq Brochure PDF(2 MB)
MiSeq Upgrade FAQs PDF(< 1 MB)