NeoPrep FAQs

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  • General

  • Illumina recommends locating the instrument in a post-PCR laboratory, because the final product collected from the instrument is amplified libraries.

    The NeoPrep System has a touch screen monitor with on-screen keyboard to enable on-instrument configuration and setup using the software interface. A mouse and/or keyboard can be connected via the external USB ports if preferred. The system can also be customized to disable the on-screen keyboard and only use an external keyboard; however, these are not provided with the system. 

    All library prep processes occur within the tightly controlled environment of the NeoPrep library card. The NeoPrep instrument is dry and performs no liquid handling. The library card is disposed of at the end of the run, therefore no washes are required. Routine maintenance procedures are included in the NeoPrep Library Prep System Guide.

  • Reagents

  • To perform a run on the NeoPrep System, a single-use NeoPrep System library prep kit is required. Each kit contains the following for a single run:

    • Assay specific reagent plate and guide affixed on the reagent plate
    • Assay specific reagent tubes
    • Oil vial and funnel
    • Library card
    • Library card guide
    • Library separation tube strips

    For specific library prep kit contents and storage conditions, see the appropriate library prep reference guide.

    The used library card contains hazardous materials. Personal injury can occur through inhalation, ingestion, skin contact, and eye contact. Wear protective equipment, including eye protection, gloves, and a laboratory coat. Handle the used library card as chemical waste. Dispose of it in accordance with the governmental safety standards for your region. Refer to the safety data sheets (SDSs) for the consumables in the kit that you are using for detailed environmental, health, and safety information and dispose of according to your institution and other requirements. SDSs are available on the Illumina website at

    Do not use adapters other than those provided in NeoPrep library prep kits. The adapters are especially formulated to work in the digital microfluidics environment.

    Guaranteed shelf life is three months from date of shipment.