NextSeq 2000 Reagent Kit

Catalog IDs: 20043738, 20043737, 20043736

Kit Requirements

Sequencing on the NextSeq 2000 requires one single-use Illumina NextSeq 1000/2000 P2 Reagents kit. The kit is available in three sizes (100-cycle, 200-cycle, 300-cycle). NextSeq 1000/2000 P2 Reagents provide the cartridge and flow cell for sequencing.

For other system requirements and product compatibility, see Compatible Products.

Contents & Storage

To ensure proper performance, store kit components at the indicated temperatures with the arrows pointing up. Keep the foil packages intact.




Storage Temperature



Contains clustering, sequencing, paired-end, and indexing reagents

-25°C to -15°C
1 Flow Cell Patterned, single-lane flow cell 2°C to 8°C