Multiplexing Sample Preparation Oligonucleotide Kit

Catalog IDs: PE-400-1001

The Multiplexing Sample Preparation protocol prepares libraries of DNA fragments for multiplexed paired-end or single-read sequencing. Adapter sequences are added onto the ends of DNA fragments.


  • Uses a novel set of oligonucleotides, but is otherwise the same as the standard paired-end sample preparation procedure
  • A six-base sequence index is introduced into the adapter at the PCR stage of sample preparation
  • Kit contains 12 index primers designed so that there are no more than three positions of agreement between any two indexes
  • If there is one error in the index, the correct index can be recovered
  • Designed for preparing samples for paired-end multiplex sequencing, however, these samples are also compatible with single-read multiplex sequencing

Libraries prepared with the Multiplexing Sample Preparation Oligonucleotide Kit can be sequenced on the HiSeq 2000, HiSeq 1000, HiScanSQ, or Genome Analyzer.