Nextera Rapid Capture Custom Enrichment Kits FAQs

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  • Library Evaluation

  • Nextera Rapid Capture Enrichment libraries generally range from ~150–1000 bp, with the main peak at ~300–350 bp.

    The following figure is an example post-enrichment library distribution (12-plex enrichment).


    The quality and quantity of genomic DNA input into the Nextera tagmentation reaction will affect the library size distribution. A larger peak distribution (> 350 bp) can be indicative of > 50 ng genomic DNA input going into the Nextera tagmentation reaction. Conversely, a smaller sample peak distribution (< 225 bp) can be indicative of < 50 ng genomic DNA or fragmented, low quality genomic DNA.

    It is critical to accurately quantify the concentration of input genomic DNA. Illumina recommends quantifying the starting genomic DNA using a fluorometric-based method specific to double-stranded DNA, such as QuantiFluor or PicoGreen. For more information, see the DNA Input Recommendations section of the Nextera Rapid Capture Enrichment Guide.

    Use an Agilent Technologies 2100 Bioanalyzer to check the quality and intended size distribution of a tagmented sample, the pre-enriched library, and the post-enriched library. For examples of bioanalyzer traces and library size distributions, see the library prep reference guide. Variation in the Bioanalyzer profiles is expected because it is dependent on the input DNA type.