Ribo-Zero rRNA Removal Kit (Human/Mouse/Rat) FAQs

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  • Library Evaluation

  • Ribo-Zero Bioanalyzer

    Figure 1.  A. S. cereviseae samples from 2 mm colonies on solid YPD media was purified using the MasterPure™ Yeast RNA Purification Kit with DNase treatment, to achieve final yield of 3 µg RNA. B. 1 µg of purified RNA was processed using the Ribo-Zero™ Magnetic Gold Kit (Yeast) to remove the 18S and 25S rRNA. Results are similar with other organisms

    This is normal and expected. The peaks observed in the 100- to 140-nt region on a Bioanalyzer trace correspond to tRNA, small noncoding RNAs, and small amounts of 5S rRNA (in cases where 5S rRNA removal is less efficient). These small RNAs are available for inclusion in a sequencing library if desired, but can be readily removed by gel or other size-selection techniques that are designed to remove small RNAs, either before or after library synthesis.