TruSeq DNA PCR-Free HT Library Prep Kit

Catalog IDs: FC-121-3003

TruSeq DNA PCR-Free is also offered in the following configuration. 

Refer to TruSeq DNA PCR-Free if you have ordered product 20015962 or 20015963.


  • Easy-to-use 96-well plate, pre-loaded with 96 unique index combinations.
  • Robust dual index system.
  • Optimized shearing for whole-genome resequencing with 350 bp and 550 bp insert size workflows.
  • Bead-based size selection reagents included in kit.
  • Designed for manual or automated preparation.
  • Compatible with all Illumina sequencers.
  • End-to-end solution from sample prep to data analysis.


  • Simple and scalable solution for preparing high-quality libraries.
  • Increased operational efficiency, therefore reducing costs.
  • Reduced risk of sample mix-ups.
  • Increased sample throughput per sequencing run.

See the following HiSeq 2500 demo data sets. Fastq and vcf/bam files are available:

TruSeq DNA PCR-Free HT Sample Prep Kit Support