TruSeq Nano DNA LT Library Prep Kit

Catalog IDs: FC-121-4001, FC-121-4002

TruSeq DNA Nano is also offered in the following configuration. 

Refer to TruSeq DNA Nano if you have ordered product 20015964 or 20015965.


Streamlined workflow:

  • Master-mixed reagents reduce reagent containers and pipetting
  • Universal adapter for preparation of single read, paired-end, and indexing

Optimized shearing for whole-genome resequencing with 350 bp and 550 bp insert size workflows

Bead-based size selection reagents included in each kit

Optimized workflows for processing low sample (LS) and high sample (HS) numbers in parallel

Index adapter tags all samples:

  • Additional adapters and primers are not necessary
  • Contains adapter index tubes recommended for preparing up to 24 samples for sequencing and together kits A and B allow for pooling up to 24 samples

Protocol is compatible with single sample sequencing or lower indexing pooling levels

See the following HiSeq 2500 demo data sets. Fastq and vcf/bam files are available:

TruSeq Nano DNA LT Sample Prep Kit Support