TruSeq Stranded Total RNA LT Sample Prep Kit

Catalog IDs: RS-122-2201, RS-122-2202, RS-122-2301, RS-122-2302, RS-122-2401, RS-122-2402, RS-122-2501, RS-122-2502

TruSeq Stranded Total RNA is also offered in the following configuration.

Refer to TruSeq Stranded Total RNA if you have ordered product 20020596, 20020597, 20020598, 20020599, 20020610, 20020611, 20020612, or 20020613.



  • Ribo-Zero Human/Mouse/Rat, Ribo-Zero Gold, Ribo-Zero Plant, and Ribo-Zero Globin kits available
  • Ribo-Zero Human/Mouse/Rat, Ribo-Zero Gold, and Ribo-Zero Globin kits support human, mouse, and rat organisms
  • Ribo-Zero Plant kit supports plant species
  • All Ribo-Zero kits follow the same workflow
  • Strand information on RNA transcript
  • Library capture of both coding RNA, as well as multiple forms of non-coding RNA
  • Reduced total assay time
  • Optimized workflows for processing low and high numbers of samples in parallel
  • Each kit contains contains adapter index tubes recommended for preparing and pooling 12 or fewer samples for sequencing. 
  • When used together, kits A and B allow for pooling up to 24 samples using the 12 different indices in each kit.


TruSeq Stranded Total RNA LT Sample Prep Kit