What is the final formamide concentration in the waste solution of Illumina sequencing systems?


This bulletin provides information to help calculate the final concentration of formamide in the waste solution of Illumina sequencing runs.

Formamide concentration in the final waste solution of each run varies depending on the instrument and the length of the run. To determine the concentration of formamide, measure the final waste volume and perform the appropriate calculations as explained in the following table.

    *iSeq 100 reagent cartridge is solid waste as it is not intended to be opened. 

Example: A HiSeq X v2 run delivers about 10.56 ml of formamide reagent to the waste container. The estimated volume of total waste is about 1.3 L. The percent of formamide in the final waste solution is approximately 0.8%.

Regulations for the proper disposal of formamide and other hazardous components in the waste vary by region. Contact your Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) office for the definition of hazardous materials and how to dispose of containers and unused contents in accordance with the governmental safety standards for your region. See the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) on the Illumina support page for more information about chemicals found in Illumina reagents.