The correct storage temperature for Infinium BeadChips is 2-8°C


Infinium BeadChips are shipped at room temperature (RT). When received, Infinium BeadChips are stored at 2-8°C.

The storage temperature for BeadChips is printed on the foil pack and on the BeadChip box.

The temperature on the BeadChip box is consistently cited as 2-8°C.

It has been determined that some BeadChip foil pack labels have been printed, over an indefinite period, with different storage temperatures, ie, ‘from 2-4°C’, ‘4°C’, ‘4-8°C’, and ‘RT’, instead of 2-8°C. All BeadChip foil pack labels will now be printed with the correct storage temperature of 2-8°C

If you have stored your BeadChips at room temperature and have any concerns about data quality, contact Technical Support at