Panel of Normals VCF

When DRAGEN is used in the Tumor-Normal or Tumor-Only somatic mode, a panel of normals (PON) VCF can be specified for the purpose of filtering out systematic errors. The PON VCF must be generated ahead of time and represents a set of variants that were detected by the DRAGEN Somatic Pipeline when run on normal samples that are not matched to the subject from whom the tumor sample was taken. The PON VCF may contain several dozen samples. The samples should ideally be normal samples collected on the same library prep/sequencing instrument, so that if there are systematic errors that occur during sequencing/library prep, they get captured in the PON VCF.


Specifies a PON VCF file. When a PON VCF file is used as input and if a somatic variant is found in at least one sample in the file, it is marked as panel_of_normals in the FILTER column of the output VCF.