Apply a Saved Filter

Use a saved filter to apply a set of filters in a single step. After you have applied the filter combination, you can clear or add filters individually.

Apply a Saved Filter to a Single Case

1. From the Cases tab, select an analysis result to open the case.
2. Select the Select Saved Filter drop-down arrow, and then select the filter you want to apply.
3. Select Apply Saved Filter.
4. [Optional] To refine the filters, select Edit Variant Filters, modify filters as needed, and then select Apply.

Apply a Saved Filter to Multiple Cases

You can apply filter combinations that have been saved in the same genome build and sample class (data type). For more information about saved filters, see Save Filter Combination.

When you apply a saved filter to multiple cases, the filter is applied to the first tab in each case, which overwrites existing filters. To avoid losing applied filter configurations, BaseSpace Variant Interpreter can create a new tab and apply the saved filter to it.

1. From the Cases tab, select the checkboxes for the cases you want to update.
2. Select the Action drop-down arrow, and then select Apply Filter.
3. In the Apply Filter dialog, select a filter from the drop-down list.
4. To create a tab with the filters applied, select the Apply this filter in a new tab checkbox.

The default name for the new tab is the name of the saved filter.

5. Select Apply.