Usage Reports

Generate reports of application usage and account activity.

1. Under Settings, select Usage Report.
2. Select the Available Report(s) drop-down arrow, and select a report type:
General Usage Report—An overview of the application usage. The report includes the following columns.
User Name—The name of the user.
Total Sessions—The number of successful login sessions.
Last Login—The last time the user logged in.
Access Counts—The total number of times user accessed the login page
Registration Date—The date the user registered.
Login—The login ID of the user.
Login Report—An overview of account activity. The report includes the following columns.
Date—The time the activity occurred.
Category—The login category.
Client-address—The IP address used to access the application.
Application—The name of the Illumina Application
User-email—The email address of the user.
Domain-name—The name of the enterprise domain the user belongs to.
Event-type—The type of login event.
3. Select a date range for the report.
  1. In the From field, select the start date.
  2. In the To field, select the end date.
4. In the Email To field, enter the email addresses of one or more recipients. Separate each address by a comma.
5. Select Email Reports.

The report is generated and emailed to the specified recipients.