Review a Completed Design

1. Review the completed design summary in the top pane of the page.

In addition to the options selected when creating and configuring the design, the following information is displayed:



Solution ID

A unique identification number for the design automatically generated by DesignStudio.

Assay Version

The type of AmpliSeq for Illumina assay selected when creating the design.


The species selected when configuring the design.

Sample Type

The type of sample selected when configuring the design.

Max Amplicon Length

The maximum amplicon length in the final design.


The stringency selected when configuring the design.

Number of Amplicons

The number of amplicons included in the final design.

Total target size (bp)

The number of bases in the submitted targets.

Covered Bases (bp)

The number of bases covered by the custom amplicons.

Number of Pools

The number of pools included in the final design.

Amplicons per Pool

The number of amplicons included in each pool.

Amplicon Length

A stacked bar chart displaying maximum, minimum, average, and median length of amplicons (in base pairs) in the design. Appears as a list rather than a stacked bar chart if the difference between the minimum and maximum amplicon length is less than 6 bp.

Percentage Coverage

The percent of target bases covered by the custom amplicons.

2. View detailed information on regions, amplicons, and gaps using the appropriate tabs in the table below the Review Design pane:
View Region Information
View Amplicon Information
View Gap Information
3. [Optional] Select Modify Design to create a project based on the current design. See Modify the Design.
4. [Optional] Select Download Targets to export the design targets in a CSV file.
5. [Optional] Select Download Results to download the design solution in a ZIP file.

The design solution file contains all the design information generated from the project.

6. To order a design, complete the following procedure. Sometimes, a completed design is not orderable. For unorderable designs, the following options are not available and DesignStudio displays a message with information on why the design cannot be ordered.
  1. When ready to place an order, select Get Pricing.
  2. Review the final design details, and then select Finalize Design & Get Pricing. DesignStudio will redirect you to MyIllumina where you can purchase the custom assay.