Modify the Design

The Modify Design page enables creation of a new project using settings and targets from an existing project as a starting point.

1. Edit the Project Name.

The project name is the name that identifies the design throughout DesignStudio. A project name must be unique and have between 3–20 alphanumeric characters. Hyphens, periods, and underscores are allowed.

2. [Optional] Enter a Project Description.

A description can have up to 1000 alphanumeric characters.

3. Select a Design Stringency.

Larger coverage can be achieved by selecting a lower stringency for design primer constraints. Lower stringency can result in increased off-target amplification.

4. [Optional] If available, select Maximize number of design pools for best coverage.

By default, DesignStudio attempts to accommodate the design using two pools. Selecting this option allows up to 4 pools to increase coverage. Increasing the number of pools can increase the total cost of the assay.

This option is only available when modifying a completed AmpliSeq for Illumina Gene design.

5. Select Modify Design to go to the Manage Targets page of the new project.