View Designs

1. Select View Designs from the DesignStudio navigation bar.
2. Select the AmpliSeq DNA tab to view information on AmpliSeq for Illumina design projects.




Type of AmpliSeq for Illumina assay selected when creating the design.

Design ID

A unique ID automatically assigned to each design by DesignStudio.

Solution ID

A unique ID automatically assigned to each completed AmpliSeq for Illumina assay design by DesignStudio.

Design Name

Project name entered when creating the design.

Amplicon Size

Amplicon size selected when configuring the design.

Amplicon Count

Number of amplicons included in the final design.


Percent of target bases covered by the amplicons.


Current phase of the project.

Created—Design is created, but no targets have been added.
Targeted—Targets have been added to the design.
Designing—DesignStudio is designing custom amplicons.
Designed—Design is complete.
Orderable—Design is ready to order. The order process has not started.
Failed—Design processing has failed.
Finalized—Design is ready to order and the order process has started. Content is locked from editing.


Reference species selected when creating the design.


Date the design was created.

3. [Optional] Select one of the options in the actions column to copy, transfer, delete, download design solution, or download manifest.
Copy—Creates a design with identical settings and targets.
Transfer—Transfers the project to an email recipient. When a design is transferred, it is no longer accessible in your account. To retain a design, save a copy before transfer.
Delete—Deletes the project.
Download—Downloads the design solution in a ZIP file.
Manifest—Downloads the manifest file for the design.
4. [Optional] To filter the designs by State, select a State from the drop-down box to the right of the assay tabs.
5. Select a Design ID or Design Name to open the design.