Submit for Design

1. When you are ready to submit the design, select Submit Design.


A submitted design cannot be edited.

2. [Optional] To receive email confirmation when the design is complete, select the Notify me when the design is complete checkbox.

The email address field will automatically contain your DesignStudio account email address. Edit the field to receive email confirmation at a different email address.

3. Select Terms and Conditions to access the Terms and Conditions.
4. After reading the Terms and Conditions, select the I agree to these Terms and Conditions checkbox.
5. Select Submit Design.
6. If there are issues with the submitted targets, DesignStudio will display an error message on the review screen:
  1. [Optional] Select Download Error Details to download and review a list of all errors.
  2. Select Modify Design. See Modify the Design.
  3. Modify the targets, and then return to step 1 to resubmit the design.