Create a TruSeq Targeted RNA Design/View Design Summary Details

View Project Summary Details

1. Select Design Summary to expand the design summary panel.
2. The following details are updated as a project is modified:



Design ID

A unique ID automatically assigned by DesignStudio.

Total Assay Count

The total number of assays added to the design followed by the total number of assays available for all target regions.

Assays with Duplicate Probes

The number of assays that contain an exactly matching probe sequence in either the ULSO or DLSO.


The species and source that DesignStudio uses as a reference when designing probes.

Binding Assays

The number of assays that have a binding error. Any errors prevent ordering.

Assay Technology

The assay technology selected when creating the design.

Duplicate Assays

The number of duplicate assays. All duplicate assays result in a binding error. Any errors prevent ordering.