Getting Started/Import Variant Call Files/Import Files From BaseSpace Sequence Hub

Import Files From BaseSpace Sequence Hub

When you import a batch of files, the software generates a sample metadata sheet that you can download and use to add metadata to each imported file. For information about editing and uploading sample metadata manifests, see Create Sample Metadata Manifest.

1. Select the Cases tab.
2. Select the Import drop-down arrow, and then select Import From BaseSpace Sequence Hub.

The Import Files from BaseSpace Sequence Hub dialog box opens, listing available VCF files.

3. To filter files by project, select the All Projects drop-down arrow, and then select a project.
4. Select the checkbox of each file to import.

Previously imported files appear shaded, and cannot be selected.

5. Select Import Files.

Variants are annotated during the import.

6. [Optional] Select Download Manifest, and then save the sample metadata manifest in *.txt format.

The generated metadata manifest is populated with sample IDs and result paths for files in the current import.

7. Select Done to return to the Cases tab.