Add Users to a Workgroup

The workgroup administrator adds users to a workgroup. A workgroup can contain an unlimited number of users.

1. Select Workgroup Administration from the Account drop-down list.

The Workgroup Admin Console opens.

2. Select a workgroup in the Dashboard.
3. Select Users.
4. Select Invite.
5. In the Invite new user dialog box, enter the email addresses for the users you want to add. Enter one address per line or as a comma-separated list.
6. Select the BaseSpace Variant Interpreter drop-down arrow, and then select the access level.
No Access—The user does not have access to the workgroup.
Basic User—The user can view analysis results in the workgroup.
Privileged User—The user can view analysis results, delete analysis results, and close cases in the workgroup.
7. [Optional] Select the access level for regional instances or other products available to the workgroup.
8. Select Grant access.

The invited user receives an email invitation and a dashboard notification. Email Illumina Technical Support to revoke an invitation to someone who is not a registered user of BaseSpace Variant Interpreter.