Manage Workgroups/Create Workgroups and Assign Administrators

Create Workgroups and Assign Administrators

Public workgroup administrators can create one workgroup and assign workgroup administrators to the group.

With an Enterprise subscription, the domain administrator can create multiple workgroups and assign workgroup administrators to each group.

Each workgroup has a primary administrator who is also the workgroup owner. Workgroup ownership cannot be changed or transferred.

1. Select Workgroup Administration from the Account drop-down list.

The Workgroup Admin Console opens.

2. From the Dashboard, select New.
3. In the Create Workgroup dialog box, enter the workgroup information.
  1. Enter a unique workgroup name in the Name field.
  2. Enter a description of the workgroup in the Description field.
  3. Enter the email for the person you want to be the owner and primary workgroup administrator in the Administrator E‑mail field. In public domain workgroups, the workgroup creator is automatically assigned as the workgroup owner and primary administrator.
  4. [Optional] To create a collaborative workgroup that include users outside your Enterprise domain (for example, a core lab), select the Enable collaborators outside of this domain checkbox.
  5. Select Create.