Apply Filters

You can apply and change the filters to a case at any time. To apply a saved filter combination to a case or group of cases, see Apply a Saved Filter.

1. From the Cases tab, select an analysis result to open the case.
2. Select Apply Variant Filters.
3. In the Variants Filter dialog box, select through the tabs to configure filters. Use any combination of filters from any number of tabs.
Select Inclusion to specify the criteria for variants to be included in the grid.
Select Add Exclusion or the Exclusion heading to specify the criteria for variants to exclude from the grid.
4. [Optional] Select Add Filter to add a filter group.

Filter groups expand the list of candidate variants by whitelisting additional filtering criteria that ignore other filters.

5. [Optional] Select Save Filter As to save the filter combination
6. Select Apply.
7. To view a list of the applied filters, select View applied filters.
8. To change the filters, select Edit Variant Filters, modify filters as needed, and then select Apply.