Array Software Support

Design Software


Online tool for designing custom bead pools for Infinium BeadChips.




Automation Software

Illumina LIMS

Illumina LIMS provides positive sample tracking, project and data management, lab workflow management, and reporting for Infinium Whole-Genome Genotyping, Infinium iSelect, and GoldenGate Genotyping products on a single architecture.


Scanning & Image Analysis Software

iScan Control Software

iScan control software for scanning BeadChips.

Decode File Client

The Decode File (DMAP) Client download utility lets you electronically download DMAP files for one or more of your BeadChips.


Bead Array Reader control software for scanning BeadChips.


BeadXpress control software for scanning VeraCode beads.


Visualization Software


Software suite for visualizing and analyzing BeadArray data. Contains modules for Genotyping, Gene Expression, Methylation, and Protein Analysis.


Project creation and sample management software for large array experiments.

BlueFuse Multi Software

BlueFuse Multi Software is a multi-user database for storage, analysis, and reporting of results obtained using the VeriSeq PGS Kit or 24sure microarrays.