MaizeSNP50 v1.0 Product Files

This download contains the Manifest (.bpm and .csv) and Cluster File (.egt) for the MaizeSNP50 v1.0 DNA Analysis BeadChip. Infinium LIMS users, please note the Product Descriptor file (.xml) is REQUIRED FOR PROCESSING this BeadChip. *Update* The MaizeSNP50 cluster file has been updated. Working together with TraitGenetics, one of the core content contributors for this consortium-driven product, genotype calling accuracy has been improved with the removal or editing of loci that exhibited a combination of two or more heritability or reproducibility errors. Furthermore, loci with two or more parental lines represented in the heterozygous cluster have been excluded. This evaluation, with a deeper look at heritability across numerous trios, identified markers to edit or remove and improves the overall accuracy of the cluster positions. Please note that it is expected to have some variation across genotyping sites, so each project does require some evaluation analysis. Illumina recommends always including a small number of trios and replicates in each project to help identify loci that may require editing.


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