TruSeq DNA LT Sample Prep Kit

Catalog IDs: FC-121-2001, FC-121-2002


The TruSeq DNA LT and HT Sample Prep kits have been discontinued. Please contact your local Account Manager if you need assistance in transitioning to the new suite of TruSeq Sample Prep Kits: TruSeq DNA PCR-Free Sample Prep or TruSeq Nano DNA Sample Prep.


Streamlined workflow:

  • Master-mixed reagents reduce reagent containers and pipetting
  • Universal adapter for preparation of single read, paired-end, and multiplexed samples

Gel-free option for enrichment with optimized AMPure XP conditions

Optimized shearing for whole-genome resequencing

Optimized workflows for processing low sample (LS) and high sample (HS) numbers in parallel

Advanced troubleshooting with built-in process control checks for quality control

Index adapter tags all samples:

  • Additional adapters and primers are not necessary
  • Enables multiplexing earlier in the process
  • Contains adapter index tubes recommended for preparing and pooling 24 or fewer samples for sequencing

See the following HiSeq 2500 demo data sets. Fastq and vcf/bam files are available:

TruSeq DNA Sample Prep Kit v1