TruSight Rapid Capture Kits

Catalog IDs: FC-140-1101, FC-140-1102, FC-140-1103, FC-140-1104, FC-140-1105, FC-140-1106

TruSight Rapid Capture Sample Prep Kit Features

  • Prepare up to 96 enriched libraries in approximately 1.5 days, including approximately 5 hours of hands-on time
  • High throughput, automation-friendly procedures with no fragmentation bottlenecks
  • Excellent data quality with low input of 50 ng
  • Access precious samples with no impact to performance
  • Ability to archive samples for additional analysis
  • Efficient use of sequencing and reliable variant calling
  • Reduced hands-on time with a cost-effective, high-throughput workflow

Related Kits

The following kits use the TruSight Rapid Capture protocol and are purchased separately.

  • TruSight Cancer (Catalog # FC-121-0202, 20005612)
  • TruSight Inherited Disease (Catalog # FC-121-0205)
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