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Analysis Software Troubleshooting Infinium Methylation Projects in GenomeStudio

GenomeStudio can be used to assess the quality of Infinium Methylation data. This webinar is targeted at beginning and intermediate users of Infinium Methylation who are familiar with creating GenomeStudio Methylation analyses. We will cover the following topics:
-We will review the information contained in the Control Dashboard and how to apply the control results in sample data quality assessment.
-We will examine several features of GenomeStudio Methylation module and how these features can be used to view and assess sample data.

This webinar includes a live troubleshooting demo in GenomeStudio.

Bring your questions to the discussion or send them in advance to techsupport@illumina.com

Note: You will be given an option to call in, receive a call back, or stream webinar audio with high speed internet over the computer. Audio quality is best over the telephone. You will need speakers or a headset to hear streaming audio.

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04/11/2017 11:00 AM PST Register