Autoloader 2.x Requirements & Compatibility


The AutoLoader 2.x is a device that automatically loads and unloads BeadChip carriers onto one or two HiScan Readers or iScan Readers. This enables you to walk away during scanning or leave the readers to run attended overnight.


The AutoLoader 2.x has the following features:

  • Supports up to 192 BeadChips (up to four BeadChips per carrier, up to 24 carriers per input stack; two input stacks).
  • Can be used in a single-reader or dual-reader configuration with HiScan Readers, iScan Readers, or both.
  • Is fully integrated with iScan Control Software (ICS) and Illumina LIMS.
  • Can be configured to send email for alerts and summary information.
  • Is designed for unattended operation.