BlueFuse Multi Software Training

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  • BlueFuse Multi: Introduction to the Cytochip Module

    Recorded Webinar (February 2020) | This webinar will introduce customers to BlueFuse Multi and the functionality of the software for the cytochip module. We will describe how to install and set-up the software for use with compatible Illumina products.

  • Infinium Assay: CNV Analysis Using GenomeStudio or BlueFuse Multi Software

    Recorded Webinar (September 2019) | llumina Technical Support invites you to join us for a presentation on Infinium Copy Number Variations (CNV) analysis using GenomeStudio and BlueFuse Multi software. CNVs are genomic alterations that result in an abnormal number of copies of one or more genes and can contribute to diseases. This webinar is targeted at beginning users of the Infinium assay who are planning to analyze the data for CNVs. The webinar will cover the following topics: how Infinium genotyping data is converted to copy number analysis, a demonstration showing how GenomeStudio and the plugin software cnvPartition generate CNV detection analysis, a demonstration of BlueFuse Multi for CNV detection, and the effects of mosaicism on the data.