NovaSeq 6000Dx Consumables

Catalog IDs:  20046931, 20046933, 20062292, 20062293, 20062290, 20062291

Consumables Compatibility

NovaSeq 6000Dx Consumables are required when running the instrument in Dx mode. NovaSeq 6000 RUO consumables may be used when running the instrument in RUO mode. Refer to the NovaSeq 6000Dx Product Documentation for more information.

Consumables Kits

Performing a run on the NovaSeq 6000Dx requires a flow cell, buffer cartridge, cluster cartridge, SBS cartridge, and library tube. NovaSeq 6000Dx consumables are packaged in the following configurations.

Kit Name Contents
NovaSeq 6000Dx S2 Reagent v1.5 Kit (300 cycles) S2 cluster catridge
S2 flow cell
S2 SBS cartridge
NovaSeq 6000Dx S4 Reagent v1.5 Kit (300 cycles) S4 cluster catridge
S4 flow cell
S4 SBS cartridge
NovaSeq 6000Dx S2 Buffer Cartridge S2 buffer cartridge
NovaSeq 6000Dx S4 Buffer Cartridge S4 buffer cartridge
NovaSeq 6000Dx Library Tube Single library tube
NovaSeq 6000Dx Library Tube, 24 Pack 24 library tubes

Consumables Storage

Consumable Storage Temperature
Flow cell 2°C to 8°C
Buffer cartridge 15°C to 30°C
Cluster Cartridge -25°C to -15°C
SBS cartridge -25°C to -15°C
Library tube 15°C to 30°C