NextSeq 550 System

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Supported BeadChips

CytoSNP-850K BeadChip—Uses the Infinium HD Super Assay

HumanCytoSNP-12 BeadChip—Uses the Infinium HD Ultra Assay

HumanKaryomap-12 BeadChip—Uses the Infinium Karyomapping Assay

Sequencing Consumables

NextSeq 500/550 High Output Kit

NextSeq 500/550 Mid Output Kit

Analysis Solutions

  • Arrays—Scanning data generated on the NextSeq 550 system can be analyzed with the BlueFuse Multi software. Data are generated in a compatible genotype type (GTC) file format.
  • Sequencing—The NextSeq system integrates with BaseSpace, providing an end to end data storage, sharing, and analysis system for sequencing output. Use bcl2fastq2 Conversion Software to convert NextSeq sequencing output to standard FASTQ file formats for downstream analysis using third-party analysis solutions. 
Illumina NextSeq 500